About Us


Weddings are Expensive.

Trousseau is an all-inclusive Wedding Store offering cheap wedding gowns (brand new, Off-the-Rack & consigned) formal dresses, shoes, accessories & decor.



Don't start your life together in debt! 

Find the Wedding of your dreams here - for less than half the price of buying new!



It's time to make some money!

 Share your beautiful day & reap the rewards of your generosity.

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What Makes Trousseau Different?

 No Consignor Fees! 

You shouldn't have to pay us $25 for the chance to sell your items.

It's a simple 60/40 payout.

We Aren't Just Gowns!

Trousseau offers decor, jewelry & all things wedding. You can truly create the wedding of your dreams, all at one location.

We Accept All Types of Gowns!

Vintage is hot & there are prices for everyone. We don't just sell new "Designer Gowns", we sell "Beautiful Gowns" 

that come in all shapes, ages & prices.

We Come to You! 

All you need to do is have your items together in your home to be viewed in our quick 15 minute consultation. 

Gone are the days of lugging everything into your car, driving to the consignment shop, waiting an hour to see what they keep, packing everything else back in your car & unloading it all at home again.